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Monthly Chakra Tuneup


My name is Caryn Connolly, and I am the owner of Balanced Explorations. I help people by promoting healing as selfcare leading to self-awareness. 


Have you ever had any of these challenges?

  • Feeling like you are stuck
  • Feeling tired and unmotivated
  • Feeling a lack of clarity, like you need to make a change but don’t know what or how to change
  • Feeling like you need someone to talk to but no one understands you
  • Feeling a sense of restlessness
  • Feeling like you have no time for yourself


Me too!  I have felt as if my energy was unmoving and I couldn’t make progress no matter how hard I tried.  I have felt a lack of clarity in my life and business.  I have felt stuck in trying to lose weight with nothing I tried working.  I have felt all these things.  I have come to realize how important it is to spend time on myself because others will take all of your time if you don’t.


It was not an easy fix.  It was a long path that started back in 2009 when I became a Reiki Master Teacher and began my study of Buddhism.  It continued as I earned my Health Coach certification in 2013.  I started to appreciate meditating with crystal singing bowls when I bought a set of three after my father died in 2015.  There was a long period of movement and intellectual learning when I completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training in 2020 and 2021. 


It has been a long path to self-healing and self-knowledge. 


But it really came together when I regularly started playing the crystal singing bowls in 2020.  I played them for 42 days in a row and noticed that I was finally able to start losing weight.  Since then, I have lost and kept off 20-25 pounds. 


We are vibrational beings.  Through inertia, we tend to stay in whatever state we are in.  The singing bowls help to create a new way of being through presenting a new vibration that our bodies can model. 


One of my clients who has attended past crystal singing bowl healing sessions has noticed a feeling of lightness and alignment that comes with the clarity of feeling the vibrations and journaling and then sharing what each bowl brings up.  In fact, it is at their encouragement that I am continuing to offer this session.


This is the Monthly Chakra Tuneup!  It is a three-hour session that is only held live via Zoom. 


In this session, I will:

  • Play crystal singing bowls (and sometimes other instruments as I recently received a tongue drum) that vibrate to a Note associated with each of the chakras
  • Give you time to integrate the vibrations of each chakra
  • Give you time to journal about what it brings up for you
  • Give you time to share if you choose


This is exactly the change you have been looking for.  Show yourself love by taking a concentrated amount of time for yourself.  By taking a large time block to meditate and have no other worries, you will allow your constantly thinking mind to calm and new ideas and clarity to arise.  If you turn the volume up high enough, you will feel the vibrations moving through your physical body, initiating changes on a cellular level and helping your chakras to both align and become familiar with the proper vibration so that they can function optimally.  As a Reiki Master, I know that everything starts on a vibrational level.  You can’t heal a broken bone by giving a vibrational or energetic healing, but you can start to change the blueprints that are leading to problems in your life.  It all starts here. 


With monthly Chakra Tuneups, your body, energy, and vibration will start to calibrate and hold the vibration for longer.  Your body needs to know and become familiar with the vibration in order to make it a part of you. 


This is not the usual 15- or 30-minute meditation. The two-minute singing bowl meditation on You Tube.  The 10 minutes of journaling practice.  The open group where everyone shares whenever they want.  This is different. 


This is an intuitively-inspired Chakra Tuneup.  I use my intuition to decide which bowls to use in which order, with the understanding that by the end of the three hours, we will cycle through all the chakras.  You will have time to integrate the energies.  You will be encouraged to cultivate awareness by focusing on any thoughts that arise when I play the bowls or any sensations in your body.  You will have time to journal and compare what comes up and changes from month to month. 


The session will take place on February 12 from 1-4 p.m. EST. 


This is a great deal at only $88.88.  If you were to purchase a private session like this it would cost you $333!    It will set you on the path to caring for yourself and setting boundaries that allow you to give yourself the time and relaxation you need to move forward with your life confidently. 



Remember, you will have three hours of uninterrupted time with like-minded individuals who are all putting themselves and their energy first.  Have a comfortable place to sit or lie down and feel the vibrations move through you, loosening up past habits and patterns and aligning your chakras for new possibilities.  Bring a notebook and pen to journal.  Have a safe space to share if you like.  The session will not be recorded. 


I am so excited to see you there and help you on your healing journey.