• Accountability Partner

  • Balance your chakras 

  • Make positive changes in your life

Spiritual Inspiration For Your Life

My ‚ÄčTraining

Offering healing and intuitive services since 2009.

My Creativity

A sampling of the artwork I have created over the years based on spiritual concepts and nature.

  • Get to the Root of your issues

  • Know that not everything happens on a physical level

  • Practice mindfulness

Now offering office hours and classes in Montpelier, VT!

Schedule an appointment with me at my new office space on Sundays.  Nothing's more calming than blue mountains fading off into the distance. But for your spiritual life to really come alive, sometimes you need to consult a trusted advisor.  Or balance your chakras.  Let energy flow through you and improve your life.  Having someone there to be your accountability partner is priceless.  

build a creative spiritual life 

  • Appreciate nature

  • Learn how to be still 

  • Allow your energy to flow freely

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